Mo DaFeng

Carmel Mission Study
Oil on Canvas
9 x 12 in

The son of an art professor at the Art Academy of China, Mo was educated in China and is one of the few artists ever honored with shows at both the National Theater and the National Gallery in Beijing. His love of the American landscape, and all things romantic, are informed and illuminated by his youth and education in China. He only came to the U.S. in 1987 and fell in love with the beauty of the land, its boats and lighthouses. It gives his work a lyrical, haunting quality that was celebrated in exhibitions both here and in Asia. Example of Auction Statistics for Mo Dafeng paintings: Nightfall – 16” x 32” – Oil - Sold for $28,740. Sunrise at Yellow River – 33” x 60” Sold for $96,940. Pathway in Tranquility– 33” x 60” – Oil - Sold for $88,980. Morning – 33” x 60” – Oil- Sold for $96,940. Early - 60” x 72” – Oil- Sold for $83,980 .