George and Mark Lundeen

George and Mark Lundeen

Loveland, Colorado is considered by many to be the sculpture capital of the American West, in no small part thanks to the Lundeen family of sculptors. George, a resident since 1976, has been a major force in the development of this small, but thriving art community. Mark, after graduating from college, spent eight months in Europe studying the old masters. In 1981, he moved to Loveland, Colorado, established his sculpting studio and began a highly successful career as a sculptor. And you could say the Lundeens would, from that time forward, make an impact on, at that time the small town Loveland, that would change things there forever.,br> George renowned for his commemorative busts and sentimental, life-size figure groupings; and his detailed, highly polished bronzes encompass any number of subjects, from Benjamin Franklin to a female athlete sporting a pair of running shoes made by a leading sportswear manufacturer.
Mark, a natural born storyteller, stages his artwork around the stories or emotions the characters portray, allowing each viewer to find a different version. His work has a strong physical presence, whether it is an aggressive athlete, a pensive elder or a shy child.
And the list of accomplishments and public works created by these two men, reads like a Who's Who in sculpture. George, a member of Allied Artists of America and the National Sculpture Society, Lundeen has achieved the status of full Academician of the National Academy of Design in New York. This is the highest professional recognition bestowed on visual arts in America.
And Mark, has received numerous awards and honors that include being selected as the University of Nebraska Alumni of the Year in 1996. He has received the Philip Isenberg Award from the Allied Artists of America in New York City for his sculpture Ragtime Cowboy Joe and Westword Magazine of Denver, Colorado awarded him Best Sculpture in a Public Place for Mighty Casey.
Two great sculptors who have made their "family business" into an impressive milestone in the world of fine art sculpture.



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