Luke Frazier


Luke Frazier
Pitzer’s Fine Arts started working with this talented man in the 70’s when we first found his work hanging in a gallery in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The career of Luke Frazier has grown and flourished for over 30 years, which has established him as a prominent and respected artist. His work is now found not only in the leading galleries across the country, but in permanent collections of museums and in major shows, and museum shows like the prestigious Prix De West show held in Oklahoma City every year, the Masters of the American West held at the Autry Museum in Los Angeles annually, and many more. In July of 2000, Frazier was honored to join 40 other artists at "Wildlife for a New Century," an international invitational exhibit at the National Museum of Wildlife Art. Frazier's work has been included in the book Leading the West, written by Don Hagerty, in conjunction with Southwest Art magazine, and published by Northland Press in 1997. The book profiles 100 of the best living painters and sculptors working today. In 2007 Frazier was included in the new book The Fine Art of Angling, and his work "The Tillamook Creel" adorned the cover. Earlier in 2007, Frazier was chosen to be the Jackson Hole Fall Arts Festival featured artist. In 2010 Frazier was honored to be the featured artist for the Southeastern Wildlife Exposition, in Charleston South Carolina. He has been profiled in Art of the West, Wildlife Art, Big Sky Journal and Southwest Art. His paintings frequently appear in Field & Stream, Gray's Sporting Journal, Sporting Classics and Alaska. To portray the wildlife and sporting subject matter he paints, at the level exhibited, you have to not only love it, but you have to get out in it and experience it. The artist is known to still do just that even today, hunting and fishing from the North American Rocky Mountains, up into Canada and into Alaska. This first-hand observation, and experiencing nature has become a hallmark of his artwork. His passion is obvious as seen in his subjects and the manner in which they are rendered. The artist has stated he appreciates, and respects, the strength of drawing, color and emotion correctly applied into his work. This enthusiasm and work ethic have propelled his career to high levels of accomplishment. No longer just another “wild life artist”, his work is studied by the younger artist that will follow along behind him, just as he studied artist like Carl Rungius, Bob Kuhn, Edgar Payne and more. The awards, the articles in the major media publications, the invitations to participate in the major shows – are all now part of his career legacy. Even the highest accolade an artist can receive is accomplished, which is when people are willing to pull money out of their pockets and buy his artwork. That has been established as fact, not speculation, for a number of years as mentioned above. It is now more of an issue of Economics 101 - - supply and demand - - not if the art of Luke Frazier is a sound acquisition.,h_400,c_fill/ph7cmy4b87s5gpkm7elg.jpg