Pat Kennedy

Pat Kennedy

The Power of running horses ~ The magnificence of birds in flight ~ The intricate detail of the human form
This is the creative and craftsmanship of Pat Kennedy

As a professional artist since 1978 Pat Kennedy has worked in a wide range of styles and techniques, from loose and casual sculptures to precise and detailed. Pat’s love of birds and wildlife as a child brought out his talent of sculpting his earliest works of art were his falcon, mourning doves and many species of ducks.

Pat worked at Art Castings of Colorado for 14 years. During which time he became skilled and knowledgeable in all aspects of design and production. He was soon sought out by major artists to recreate and enlarge their sculptures. In 1998 Pat opened his own studio in Colorado and was quickly recognized by the Loveland High Plains Art Council when they purchased his sculpture “Louis Papa”, which was installed in Loveland’s Benson Park. In every sculpture Pat has produced he studies and extensively researches the subject before starting a project. Pat’s artwork has been purchased by collector’s world wide.

Pat is a Military Veteran of 27 years. 9 years in the Army and Vietnam veteran. 18 years in the Wyoming Air National Guard and Operation Iraqi Freedom veteran. Retired as Master Sergeant, 2005.



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