Perry Pepper

Perry Pepper

My sculptures explore various forms and exhibit motion. The smooth lines and a highly polished finish will make you want to touch and sit amongst them. Each sculpture is a hand carved unique one of a kind with its own story. Born and raised on Mount Desert Island Maine, I have lived in Denver, Colorado, Eugene, Oregon, Snowmass Village, Colorado, and now Durango, Colorado. My dog Cielo inspired the artist in me. I studied her form and recreated it over and over. It was through this process that I learned to sculpt. Several other shapes and animals encountered during this journey produced more sculptures from wood and stone. Some of my favorites are the “Heron Collection,” a heron series that yielded 18 unique birds, “Mike” the Orca encountered in the San Juan Islands, and “Cielo,” my little angel captured in Yule marble. My educational background is not in art, but rather history. I graduated from Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado with a Bachler’s and then a Master’s in U.S. History from Adams State University in Alamosa, Colorado. When I am not sculpting I teach history, ski, mountain bike and plan for future travel adventures.



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