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Steve Sutherland
Steve Sutherland, son of an artist, artist, rancher, and lover of music, native of Oklahoma. His work ranges from custom sculptures, for example, larger than life guitars to 2d signage for store fronts, restaurant/pub and wall decor. Steve creatively utilizes varied mediums; wood, metals, and leather for a nostalgic, "old school", vintage appeal. Steve's extensive travels throughout the US has been a great inspiration to his work as he has a great appreciation for art of earlier, more simpler times. Watching his father work as an artist/sculpture served as a great influence as well. This artist's love of music finds himself surrounded by music and musicians where some of his greatest inspirations come, i.e. the winged guitar pieces. Steve began learning different art forms at an early age; when he was just 7 years old his father placed a welding torch in his hands; along with the torch, Steve's love passion for art was lit and grows brighter with each passing year. Steve Sutherland is a self-taught artisan, he became quite proficient in metal works works early on; at age 11 he was commissioned by a large welding firm in Texas to do an arts demonstration on different types of welding applications. Around age 12 he began teaching himself how to do leather work having built his first saddle in his early twenties. All the while honing his woodworking skills. When Steve was just a senior in High School he designed, constructed, and sold his first line of retail signage, home decor and furnishings. He is always trying new techniques to distress, age and or antique the material in which he is working with to achieve that vintage, authentic look in which he is known for. Steve Sutherland is a multi-faceted artist who has an uncanny ability to produce just the perfect piece of work for the job. His work is refreshing, fun and unique.