Charles Ringer

Charles Ringer

Charles Ringer was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1948. After two years at the University of Colorado, he left Colorado to pursue his career, traveling the country, living on the road and working out of a mobile studio built. This experience proved to be the foundation of his education.

Being self taught in the art field for thirty years has given Charles a unique perspective and direction in life and art. He takes industrial materials and transform them into delicate, but durable forms. His kinetic steel sculptures depict various animal shapes, animal-people relationships, geometric designs and social stereotypes. The motion is captivating to the onlooker, whose imagination, when stimulated, is transported into the fantasy portrayed by the sculpture. For the artist, art is a delicate balance of mental imagination and physical translation.  Art is the physical projection of mental creativity, allowing the observer their own interpretation. The combination of this communication is synergistic, the end result infinite.

Charles Ringer creates several diverse styles of sculpture. The animated silhouettes are individually cut out of one-quarter inch steel plate. Movement is created through a pendulum effect, which brings the silhouette to life. The larger geometric kinetic sculptures are elegant designs originating from welded steel and exotic metals, resulting in an intricate geometric design, when stationary, which is capable of producing infinite optical effects, when set in motion. In addition to the kinetic work, the artist also fabricates steel vegetation in a variety of sizes and construct stabile geometric designs from structural tubing and steel plate. All of this work can be sized from tabletop to monumental.


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