Roger Williams

Roger was born in Southern Colorado near the New Mexico border, a stone’s throw from Taos and Santa Fe. This environment, surrounded by mountains and pristine high desert, enticed Williams at a young age to start, “seeing” as Williams notes in his first book ” Light Beauty and Form.
Later on, Roger attended the university of Denver and Adams State University schools of art and completed his masters’ degree. After two years of teaching at a college level, Williams decided to pursue his dream of becoming a professional artist and moved to Santa Fe NM in 1986.
In Santa Fe, Roger encountered a plethora of opportunities to befriend and study with master painters from all over. His associations and studies with artists like Clark Hulings, Richard Schmid, Joseph Mendoza, Bettina Steinke and others, stimulated and enforced his conviction to continue painting and he has not looked back since. The artist has exhibited in over 30 one-man shows and many featured exhibitions in galleries and few museums in the USA, France, and Mexico.

Because of a long life passion for travel, Roger Williams’ paintings tell the story of where he has been and where he is going as a person and as an artist. His works are a creation of scenes taken from inspiring, colorful and beautiful places he holds dear to his heart which include the Southwest where he lives and works.
He has painted on location in five different continents/over thirty countries and is always in search of inspiring subject for each canvas. Although many of his realistic / impressionistic paintings are landscapes, his figurative pieces challenge him to enter another’s space and create form and emotion unique to those individuals. “I want to politely enter someone else’s space, imagine their essence and express it, produce a dynamic, allowing for transition out of self and comfortability.”

Roger’s art is valuable for the feeling it conveys to the viewer, which is, generally, the sense of well-being and peacefulness. Roger Williams’ paintings continue to grow in popularity and over the last three decades he has found joy in his progress as a painter. He lives and works in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where the light and the environment continue to stimulate wonderful finished pieces that sell to clients all over the world.

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